The Booth Crew Story

The Booth Crew booth is the invention of Robert Mech.  Robert saw the need for photo booths that people could afford to rent for every day events.  The Booth Crew is committed to providing value while not sacrificing quality or services.  

The first booth started as part of Robert's DJ services MECH Entertainment.   Schools were interested in DJ's who could offer this add on service.  Robert having an IT background immediately went to work on building a booth that could be setup anywhere. Schools, weddings, homes, outdoors and more.  Each Booth Crew booth is custom built minimizing the overhead expense of purchasing hardware pre-built by vendors who lock you in to their software and products.  This flexibility meant lower startup costs and lower prices for the consumer. 

The Booth Crew is not simply about hardware it is about attitude.  Every person part of the Booth Crew team has an outgoing and energetic personality.  We bring positive attitudes and fun to every photo booth.  We encourage everyone in the booth to go wild and let loose!

The Booth Crew is constantly growing with new regions to serve you.  We are always on the lookout for energetic people who can join our crew!

Our promise to you is that our photo booth will be entertainment you and your guests will always remember!  We are not satisfied until we have exceeded your expectations.